The Sinsheimer-Stanley Festival Glen

  • Experience live theatre amongst the majestic redwoods. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful venues in the nation,
    The Glen is located on the grounds of the UCSC Theater Arts Center.
  • The Glen hosts Premium and Classic reserved chairs. Or general admission “Groundling” tickets where you may bring your own blanket or low-back beach chair. Some low-backed beach chairs are available for rental at the venue.
  • Come early to dine and socialize and enjoy the full Glen experience. Bring your own picnic and soft or adult beverages. There are picnic tables scattered throughout the Theater Arts Center, or dine right in the Glen.
  • The Glen seats approximately 600 people.


The Glen has handicapped accessible seating available and offers with Assisted Listening Devices.

While SCS's summer plays are not specifically geared towards children, we do strive to be a theatre welcoming and accessible to people of all ages. Our summer plays generally run between two and three hours in length, and you are the best judge of your children's ability to enjoy each play.


The Sinsheimer-Stanley Glen is located on the Grounds of the USCS Theater Arts Center. view map here



Premium (Reserved)

Classic (Reserved)

Groundling (General)

What is a Groundling?
Coined during Shakespeare’s time at the Globe Theatre in England, “Groundling” refers to people who paid one penny in order to be able to stand in “the Yard” in front of the stage and watch the play. Groundlings were known to be raucous and even throw food at characters they didn’t like. While we don’t encourage that sort of behavior, we do think being a Groundling is a fun and authentic way to watch Shakespeare! Groundlings are encouraged to bring a blanket or low-backed chair folding chairs and seat cushions. These are also available for rent, if you prefer).

In the Glen, patrons can choose between reserved and Groundling seating.

Reserved Seating - We provide modified Adirondack chairs that are assigned a specific row and seat number. However, you may wish to bring a cushion to sit on

Groundling Seating (General Admission)
– Patrons have the choice of bringing their own blanket or low-backed beach chair to sit on (no more than 26” off the ground). The very front sections are reserved for patrons choosing to sit on a blanket. We also have “Groundling approved” chairs available for rent for $3/each at the entrance to the Glen.

In order to bring you the most exciting productions possible, the design of the stage and scenery in the Sinsheimer-Stanley Festival Glen changes from season to season. This seating map is an approximation; due to seasonal changes, we cannot guarantee specific Groundling seating locations.

Glen Entry

General entry line – Most patrons line up here to gain entry to the Glen. As Glen entry is first-come, first-served, the earlier you get in line, the better spot you’ll get. Some patrons line up as much as two hours in advance to get their preferred spot! The Glen opens 45 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time.

Early entry line – This line is only available to members, as well as larger groups that have made arrangements through our group sales office. Patrons in the early entry line are admitted to the Glen 60 minutes prior to the scheduled performance time.


Since this is coastal California, seasoned Festival-goers will tell you to be prepared for anything! Bring sunscreen and hats for the afternoon performances and a blanket or warm jacket for the evening show. Seat cushions are recommended for those who want a little extra comfort.

Rain Policy: The Festival has historically never had to cancel a performance in the outdoor Sinsheimer/Stanley Festival Glen due to rain. We do, however, have a policy if such a situation were to occur.