Solidarity Statement 

Black Lives Matter. 

As our nation wakes up to the ongoing, systematic, institutional racism that is woven into the fabric of American life, Santa Cruz Shakespeare is actively reexamining the role that it and other theatre companies have played in perpetuating racist systemsWe acknowledge and are grateful for the work done by Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) both nationally and locally to document their experiences of oppression in the theatreWe are indebted to We See You White American Theatre, the BIPOC Equity Action Plan, the Bay Area Living Document, and specifically the letter to our Board linked therein written by Gianna DiGregorio Rivera, Mayadevi Ross, Karoline Xu, and Clint BlakelyThese testaments have provided a road map for the critical work that must be done to ensure that our theatre spaces and communities become truly equitable and inclusive.  We commit ourselves to this work. 

Our mission at Santa Cruz Shakespeare is to build and strengthen community. We can only effectively pursue this mission by taking a hard look at the policies, practices, and programming that may make SCS unwelcoming and unsafe for BIPOC artists and community membersTo that end, as a first step, the Board and Staff of SCS is devoting its annual fall retreat in 2020 to engage with the BIPOC Equity Action Plan, examine anti-racist best practices in the theatre, create a committee for accountability, and establish a timeline for deliverable actionsThis webpage will be updated with a summary of results from that retreat and will be updated regularly to keep the goals of the organization transparent, and to hold us accountable for continued positive change and growth. 

We stand in solidarity with all who would make our community not just diverse and inclusive, but truly equitableWe believe that this is neither a performative act, nor a simple one, but an on-going and intentional process of critical self-examination, accountability, and action. 


Rick Wright, Board President
Mike Ryan, Artistic Director
Larry Mabrey, Managing Director