SCS’s New Lease on Life: The Grove gets a 20-year contract


Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s New Lease on Life: The Grove gets a 20-year contract
Santa Cruz City agrees to a 20 Year Lease for SCS’s venue in DeLaveaga Park.


Santa Cruz, CA –Santa Cruz Shakespeare is overjoyed with their new lease terms for their theater venue The Grove in DeLaveaga Park. The City of Santa Cruz and SCS worked together to finalize the terms in the fall of 2018. The initial lease agreement in 2016 with the City of Santa Cruz was for a 2-year conditional lease. Santa Cruz Shakespeare is ready to move forward to continue its mission of making The Grove a true cultural gem in Santa Cruz.

“In 2014 the Santa Cruz community came together to preserve and protect the long-standing cultural tradition of Shakespeare in Santa Cruz,” said Mike Ryan, Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s Artistic Director. “With this new lease in place, the City of Santa Cruz honors that legacy by providing a long-term home for SCS. We are so grateful to everyone on the City Council, as well as City staff, and especially Parks and Recreation, for their hard work, trust, and support.”

The terms of lease include the use of the space for the next eight years, and then a lease renewal up to another 10, which grants SCS the use of the space for 20 years (since its inception in 2016). The lease will provide SCS with exclusive use of the DeLaveaga site from June through September of each year for a modest annual rent. The City of Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Department will have the ability to rent out the theater space in SCS’s off-season to individuals and community groups, making the space accessible for all in Santa Cruz County.

In addition, SCS is working with the City of Santa Cruz Arborist and Santa Cruz Boy Scout Troop 609 to plant redwood trees at The Grove site, eventually providing more shade for theater patrons. Already, over 60 Coast Redwoods have been planted, and with spring plantings scheduled, over 100 young trees will dot the landscape by the summer. The trees have been graciously provided through a partnership with the Cal Fire Urban and Community Forestry Program, part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing Green House Gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment.

“The City receives a modest financial gain from leasing space to Santa Cruz Shakespeare, but the real benefit of having this wonderful theater company in DeLaveaga Park is to the community,” said Santa Cruz City Manager Martin Bernal. “SCS, the City Council and City staff worked together to make it possible for Santa Cruz Shakespeare to remain in the community, and SCS has invested over a million dollars into creating a professional outdoor theater that will serve the community for years to come.”

Santa Cruz Shakespeare recently announced their 2019 summer season, with repertory performances beginning July 9 and running through September 1. The festival starts with an off-beat and unique adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The second mainstage production is Shakespeare’s zany showdown The Comedy of Errors and the festival’s final repertory production will be Shakespeare’s fairy-tale romance The Winter’s Tale. Tickets go on sale May 15, 2019 with a Santa Cruz Shakespeare Member pre-sale starting May 1, and can be purchased online at