b'Wonder what it takes to put on a FESTIVAL?Its not as easy as 1-2-317 ACTORS TO PERFORMOur acting company is a mix of 12 professional actors and 5 interns selected from 1,000 applicants from all over the country. Actors rehearse 6 days a week starting in June for a total of 45 hours a week.23 FRONT OF HOUSE TO ASSIST OUR PATRONSFront of house is the box office personnel, concessionaires, parking attendants, and house managers who ensure patrons feel welcome and safe.40 PRODUCTION CREW TO BUILD A WORLD Carpenters, electricians, prop and costume artisans, and other specialists work tirelessly for 8 weeks to make a play come alive!250 WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERSA group of community members donate their expertise and time; from ushering guests to seats to pulling weeds at The Grove.1200 SCS MEMBERS TO PLEDGE THEIR SUPPORT Donorscontribute60%ofouroperating revenuetosustaintheculturallifeof their community. The Festival would be impossible without our members.15000 TICKET BUYERS TO SEE 53 PLAYS Our SCS audiences are diverse: Fromstudentsexperiencing their first live theatre play to grandparents sharing the joy of a 38-year old Santa Cruz tradition with their family.SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019 7'