b'SHAKESPEARE by NUMBERS1 ARTISTIC DIRECTOR TO DECIDE THE SEASON Mike Ryan first considers the Shakespeare canon, as well as contemporary plays that will challenge and delight audiences. 3 DIRECTORS TO TELL A STORY Directors are then hired to lead a chosen production; some may be SCS veterans, and others new to SCS audiences.6 DESIGNERS TO CRAFT THEIR VISIONS Working with the directors,designerscreatethephysicalandaural surroundings in which the play will unfold.7 STAFF TO LEAD THE WAY The year-round SCS administration is helmed by a small but mighty team who budget, market, and fundraise; design theseasonlook;produceeducationand internship programs; support donors & patrons; and supervise the entire production process from start to strike.12 STAGEMANAGERSTOORGANIZE Stagemanagersandinterns prepareforacollective120 hoursbeforerehearsalseven begin, scheduling meetings, and costume fittings, and overseetheexecutionof each performance.6 SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019'