b'Board Presidents welcomeDear Patron,I am so pleased to welcome you here today. Whether youre attending for the first time or youve been coming for decades, all of the hard work that went into todays production is for you.Its probably not a stretch to suggest that youre here today, at least in part, for the story. For millennia, stories were the sole conduit for establishing and communicating religion, power, history, culture, lessons, laws, social norms, and the list goes on. 2500 years ago a new, more powerful form of storytelling was borntheatre, and it is that form you are here to participate in today. I say participate because Ill suggest that youre here not just as a spectator, as you would be at a movie, but for something more. Oskar Eustis, Artistic Director of New Yorks famed Public Theatre, asserts that we do not attend theatre just to see a play, but to have a communal experience. There is great power in laughing and crying together, in feeling the emotion of the unfolding story as a group. If we do our job, you will leave todays performance not only as the individual you arrived as, but also with a greater sense of connectedness to your, or I should say, our community.There is so much divisiveness in the world today and our 24-hour news cycle means you can get a dose at any hour of the day or night. By contrast, I hope that youll feel refreshed by spending a few hours with us and your fellow community members, and that youll encourage your friends to do the same. My best wishes to you, I hope youll enjoy todays performance. I look forward to welcoming you back to The Grove very soon.Rick WrightBoard PresidentbOARD OF DIRECTORSSANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARERick Wright Margaret Brose PresidentMary Anne Carson Julie Fraser Kent ImaiVice-President Chris Frost Kevin Lohman Secretary Tamara SantosMark DammannTreasurer FESTIVAL FOUNDER Bill RichterImmediate Past President Audrey E. StanleySANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019 5'