b'education and outreach in the CommunityWe Serve and Contribute to the Cultural Life of Santa Cruz CountySanta Cruz Shakespeare is one of only two professional theatre companies in Santa Cruz County. SCSs outdoor theatre festival is a treasured 38-year tradition in the County producing classical texts, attracting multi-generational local theatregoers to a shared experience of exceptional theatre that provides a canvas to explore, question, and celebrate the political, social, and human condition.SCSoffersmanyeventsthroughouttheyearthatprovideeducationalopportunitiesforthe community, maintaining consistent engagement with all our audience members. We strive to remain dedicated to developing dynamic, new programs that will delight and challenge our community, both artistically and intellectually.INTERNSHIP PROGRAM:Every year, literature scholars, hands-on workshops with SCS hires 1220 interns in all areas ofartists, and open-forum discussions. This years production, including acting, directing, stageWWS is August 17 and 18, held at the UCSC management, administration, and design.Campus.Interns are undergraduates or immediate post-grads who spend the summer workingEDUCATORS DAY:An annual training alongside master artisans throughout the season,workshop to provide educators the tools, participate in master classes with seasonedstrategies, and lesson plans through visceral artists, and produce their own Fringeexperiences in the instruction of Shakespeare. production. SCS provides lesson plans that incorporate on-your-feet activities that help make Shakespeares SCS SESSIONS:Held at various partnertexts fun for students. Educators Day is provided organizations around town, SCS Sessionsto help educators prepare for SCSs Matinee explores the creative process with eachWeek Program, see page 8 for more details.seasons artists and artisans. Featuring Q&A discussions with actors, directors and designers;FREE YOUTH TICKET:SCS provides a free lectures from our textual consultant; and livelygroundling ticket to one of its Shakespeare conversations with the intern company, thisplays to audience members under the age of series provides an intimate look at what the18 who are accompanied by a paid adult with a season has in store. groundling ticket. These tickets are offered on a DON ROTHMAN TALKBACKS(Audienceone-to-one basis. Pre-show and Post-show Discussions): SCS hostsCOMMUNITY SEATS:Each year, SCS gives approximately 9 free pre-show and post-showaway complimentary tickets to community and discussions per season. Pre-show discussionssocial service organizations and other non-profits provide audience members a chance to speakas a way of saying thank you for giving back to with the director and designers of a productionthe Santa Cruz Community. On average, we giveto learn about the genesis and evolution ofaway 200 seats a season to between 25 - 30 artistic concept. Post-show discussions bringorganizations.audience members face to face with their favorite actors to ask questions about thePARTNERSHIP WITH ARTS performance and the details of the productionORGANIZATIONS:SCS works closely with athey have just enjoyed.number of local arts organizations. SCS and the Jewel Theatre share costumes, stage properties, and WEEKEND WITH SHAKESPEARE:Onesome facilities. SCS also partners with WEST weekend each summer, SCS collaborates withCreative Performing Arts, a K-12 performing UCSC Humanities Institutes Shakespearearts organization in Santa Cruz, coordinating Workshop to host a symposium about theperformance opportunities for young actors in Shakespeare plays in our season. Free andour productions. Also many of our artists teach open to the public, the weekend includes panelworkshops for WESTs high school summer discussions, lectures by esteemed drama andShakespeare intensive.SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019 59'