b'Artistic directors welcomeWelcome to Santa Cruz Shakespeares 2019 Season!This season at Santa Cruz Shakespeare, we celebrate second chances. Whether it is overcoming outrageous circumstance, tyranny, deep insecurity, pride, or prejudice, the characters we bring to life this year are challenged to seek renewal in the face of fear. Over and over again, in their quests to live their best lives, Shakespeares characters(andKateHamills!)clingtohope.Noneofuswillgetthroughlife unscathed, and yet we must find ways to live knowing that life will hand us tragedies, and love knowing that love brings pain.In The Winters Tale, Paulina tells those who would experience a miracle: It is required you do awake your faith. This message is the beating heart of the theatre. We ask those of you gathered with us to awaken your faith, to believe in something you know to be a fiction, and to trust you can feel the same things as those who are different than you. This season, I want you to experience hope.This message of hope is particularly appropriate for a company that has, through the generosity of this community, received a second life. With five years under our belt as an independent, non-profit theatre company, and a newly-signed 18-year lease with the City of Santa Cruz for the Audrey Stanley Grove, there is so much to celebrate. We are also entering our second year of educational programing, and this year over 1200 students will see our production of The Comedy of Errors, many of them for free, and all of them at a subsidized price. For many of those students this production will not only be their first experience with Shakespeare in performance, but with theatre at all. Building community in this way is central to our mission, and the board and staff of SCS look to the continued and future success of this mission with great anticipation.Now sit back, relax, watch, listen. Our artists, artisans, and technicians are ready and eager to tell you incredible stories and take you on wondrous journeys. Meet the people sitting next to you, the community members with whom you will share this only-once-in-time performance. Art and community are a powerful combination: all that is required is that you do awake your faith.Mike RyanArtistic DirectorSANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019 3'