b'SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE PRESENTSDIRECTED BY KIRSTEN BRANDTJULY 23 - SEPT 1Before the Play Begins.Egeon and his wife are separated in a shipwreck at sea, each carrying one of their identical twin daughters and one of their daughters two servants (also identical twins). Egeon, his daughter Antiphola, and her servant Dromia end up in Syracuse. Thirty-three years later, however, they unwittingly converge with their long lost family members at Ephesus, a port town at war with Syracuse.Egeon is captured and led to jail executive producerJoanne EngelhardtproducersBluesCruise.comViolet and Rick BoyleMary Jane and Gordon ChambersJonathon Colburn and Dr. Clare Staveley Lee and Emily DuffusJeannine Rodems and Guntram WolskiJean Shimoguchi Jill and Jon Winston'