b'Directors Notes>>Paul MullinsIn the winter of 1813, Pride and Prejudice was announced for sale in an ad in the Morning Chronicle. It was the second novel (after Sense and Sensibility) to be published by its thirty-seven year old author, Jane Austen, and was so enthusiastically received that a second edition was published in the fall of 1813 and a third edition a couple of years later. It remains one of the most popular novels in the English language, beloved for its realism, comedy, and wit in the depiction of manners, marriage, and money among the landed gentry during the Regency era in Britain. Over twenty million copies of the novel have been sold and dramatic adaptations, print continuations, sequels, and film and TV versions have continued to tell the story of Elizabeth Bennet.In the summer of 2017, Pride and Prejudice, a new theatrical adaptation of Jane Austens novel, was first performed. It was the second Austen adaptation (after Sense and Sensibility) to be written by its thirty-three year old author Kate Hamill, and was so enthusiastically received that it was one of the ten most produced plays of the 20182019 season nationally. Kate Hamills adaptation is beloved for bold, irreverent, surprising, and boisterous storytelling, all the while staying true to Austens themes. As the playwright herself says, We think of it as this dated text, but the truth is, all of these rules and behaviors around love, we still very much follow today. There are literally books out there called The Rules and The Game. And, its particularly codified for young women, especially today, and I am a young woman whos historically been very ambivalent about marriage.Two hundred years after Jane Austen told her story, Kate Hamill shows us in hers how much and how little has changed in finding your perfector imperfectmatch in life.Dramaturgs Notes>>Maria FrangosJane Austen wrote her first version of the novel Pride and Prejudice in 179697, after staying with her brother Edward and his wife, and titled it First Impressions. This version was rejected by one publisher and remained untouched until Austen made substantial changes to it in 181112; the revised version was published under the title Pride and Prejudice in 1813. It was very well received, with many favorable reviews in the first few months after publication. In the centuries since, it has become one of the most popular novels in all of English literature, valued especially for its witty, humorous observations of middle- and upper-class English society at the time, with its often stultifying mores and conventions.The novel focuses on Elizabeth Bennet, one of five daughters of a landed gentleman whose estate is entailed to his closest male heir, a clergyman cousin named Mr. Collins. Their mother, Mrs. Bennet, is intent upon ensuring that at least one of her daughters marries a man with enough wealth to provide security for Mrs. Bennet and the rest of the family upon Mr. Bennets death. At the opening of the novel, a wealthy young bachelor, Mr. Bingley, has rented an estate nearby, and at a neighborhood ball, the Bennet girls meet Bingley and his friend, Mr. Darcy. The story then revolves around the Bennet daughters and their potential suitors, as they navigate the social and economic constraints of a strict class systemand even stricter gender rolesin very different ways.Kate Hamills stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is a playful, hilarious, and above all, farcical romp through the novel. Hamill tackled Pride and Prejudice after adapting Austens Sense and Sensibility and Thackerays Vanity Fair for the stage. After reading the novel multiple times, Hamill realized that we often treat the search for romantic love as either a game or like going to war. This idea of love as a game led Hamill to use farce as a way of approaching the story and animating it for modern audiences. Hamills Pride and Prejudice premiered at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival in 2017 and later transferred to Primary Stages in New York.24 SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019'