b'Donor spotlight>>SCSs Very Own Sister Act: Jeannine and Sabrine RodemsJeannine Rodems and husband, Guntram Wolski, first became involved with Shakespeare in Santa Cruz as undergraduates at UCSC.We were able to see most of the seasons since 1985even through medical school and residencythe only year I missed was when I was pregnant with my daughter, Maeve.YetJeanninessister,SabrineRodems,explains that the familys love affair with live theatre really began even earlier. We were that familysinging musical theatre and watching the classics. When I was 10, my parents took us to San Francisco to see Sabrine and Jeannine Rodems Sweeney Todd; the spark was already there, but the torch had been set ablaze after that. Jeannine recalls her Junior High English class seeing Richard IIIatA.C.T.,ThatwasmyfirstShakespeare Bringing the writtenexperience, and Ive been hooked on live theatre and Shakespeare ever since.word to life is the magic SCSs unique outdoor setting is certainly a key part of theatre. of the experience for the Rodems. Sabrine shares, Anytime you can see A Midsummer Nights Dream Jeannine Rodems outside with crickets chirping and fog rolling in, I am in heaven! For her, live theatre is both exciting and moving. I love the written word, but to see the words in action is so captivating!Jeannine concurs, Bringing the written wordIn this day and age of over-stimulation, to life is the magic of theatre.it is the activity of sitting down in an Notonlydothesisterssharethe theatre bug, but SCS has becomeaudience with my community to have amulti-generationalhappeningfora common experience that makes the their whole family. Jeannine recounts bringing her daughter at age 7 formoments in the theatre special to me.herfirstproduction,remembering She was glued to her seat throughSabrine Rodemsthe entire performance! Jeanninesays,Wehavebeen staunch supporters through the years and have further supported the transition to an independent company that continues to enjoy broad community support. She and Guntram along with Sabrine and husband, Koorosh Afshari, help fund the festival through generous Producers Circle donations and also give their time by volunteering for SCS. Sabrine notes, The spirit of theatre is a very giving spirit and to support SCS on all levels is about really embracing that spirit.14 SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019'