b'2019 annual BudgetThank you for purchasing a ticket to this performance!To you, our patrons and members who support SCS through ticket purchases and donations, we pledge each year to be bold, and passionate, inquisitive, and professional. As well, the values of transparency and responsibility guide our strategic thinking and long-term vision. Because theatre is handcrafted before your eyes, it is an expensive undertaking.Thank you for making it happen.PERSONNEL COMPANY EXPENSES Artistic Personnel & Benefits . $372,824Seasonal Housing, Travel(Actors, Directors, Designers: and Car Rental for Artists $89,90030 seasonal, 1 full-time) Catering / Events $2,250Production Personnel $177,513 (45 seasonal) OVERHEADAdministrative Personneland Benefits . $255,835The Grove Rent . $6,450 (4 full-time, 1 part-time) (City of Santa Cruz)Front of House/ Box Office $66,783Restrooms / Dressing Room Rental . $75,000(15 seasonal) Site Improvements. $3,000Intern Stipends $4,500Grove / Office Utilities.$18,800(9 recipients) Office / Rehearsal Space Rent . $32,000Insurance $37,800Accounting / Audit Fees . $20,000(Workers Comp & Liability)PRODUCTION EXPENSES MARKETING / DEVELOPMENT Production Materials and EquipmentMarketing $55,500Costumes $15,000Development/ Set . $20,000Donor Engagement . $17,900Lighting . $19,000 Credit Card Processing FeesProps . $6,800for Donations . $6,000Sound $1,700 Wigs $1,500Royalties $12,000Front of House Expenses $3,000General Office Expenses $5,200SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2019 11'