SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2017 7 Marco Barricelli 2007 – 2014 Marco guided the Festival through the dangerous waters of the 2007 recession. “We were able to raise actor and designer salaries almost every season, kept ticket prices as low as possible, and perhaps - because of our scrappiness - produced some exceptional work; work I would be proud to put alongside some of the more robust theatres in this country.” Mike Ryan 2014 – present Along with Marco, Aimee Zygmonski, and the Board of Directors, Mike rebooted and rebranded the company as a new, independent non-profit in 2014. Then, in 2015 Mike was part of the team that secured the Festival its new home in Upper DeLaveaga Park. “Nothing the Festival has accomplished in the past four years would have been possible without the sacrifice, diligence, and artistry of the artistic directors who turned this incredible festival into such a beloved summer tradition.” 2000 2005 2010 2015 Risa Brainin 2002 – 2003 Risa brought many firsts to the Festival, including its first Coriolanus, first Chekhov, and first Coward. “In fall 2001, I was offered a two-year appointment as Artistic Director of SSC while Paul went on sabbatical. Two years? What could I accomplish in just two years? The directive I received from the Board was to introduce more artists to the Festival. So, I gathered together the best directors, designers and actors I had worked with from across the country alongside wonderful SSC veterans, and we had a ball.” Paul Whitworth 1996 – 2001, 2004 – 2007 The Festival’s longest-serving Artistic Director, Paul Whitworth presided over ten seasons in a twelve-year span. “I widened the gene-pool of directors and designers; initiated the Intern Show and the Winter Holiday ‘Pantos’ bringing in a new audience and giving students the opportunity to work with professionals. Favorites? Cinderella, Richard III, and Engaged.”