SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2017 6 Audrey Stanley 1982 – 1986 Along with Karen Sinsheimer, Audrey Stanley founded the festival in 1982 on the UCSC campus. To boost the profile and artistry of the fledgling organization, she brought in actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company to perform, including Tony Church, Julian Curry, and Paul Whitworth. “You don’t begin a Shakespeare Festival with a production of King Lear! But we did. To balance the opening season we performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream outdoors in a space we called – the Glen.” Michael Edwards 1987 – 1992 Under Michael Edwards, the professional acting company grew from two members of Actors’ Equity to eight members. Michael also brought together a core group of directors that solidified SSC’s contemporary, forward- thinking aesthetic: Mark Rucker, Danny Scheie, and, of course, Michael himself, who directed many of the Festival’s most iconic productions. 1980 1985 1990 1995 A R T I S T I C D I R E C T O R R E T R O S P E C T I V E Danny Scheie 1993 – 1995 Danny’s innovative explorations of Shakespeare’s texts brought the festival a lot of national attention. “I look back on the mid-90s at Shakespeare Santa Cruz and marvel at our efforts to explore issues of gender and sexuality through the gender-fucked and sexually-fluid Shakespearean canon, which seemed so idiosyncratic to many at the time, although now almost every theater openly invites that approach!”