SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2017 58 Volunteer Spotlight In the past year, a dedicated group of individuals have worked tirelessly at The Grove, literally giving blood and sweat for the construction and subsequent improvement of the theatre site. In particular, SCS would like to thank: We asked some of these volunteers why they have spent hours doing a variety of jobs, including framing the Quonset Hut, digging up poison oak, hacking back invasive plant species, constructing 100+ custom benches, digging 6’ deep post holes, installing fencing, and a myriad of other glamorous jobs! Here’s what they had to say: The theater space is such a wonderful use of public land. We wanted to send the message that the community was just as willing to step in and help make it happen.” – Larry Van Velzer and Peggy Gotthold I appreciate the little things we did, like optimizing the seating configuration, that make the space special. When you work hard on something you get a glow of accomplishment and ownership. I feel that way about The Grove.” – Michael DeArmond The positive vibe of the other volunteers makes the work almost a pleasure. The biggest reward, however, was attending last year’s amazing productions and reflecting on the significant contributions that we volunteers had made to the success of DeLaveaga’s first season. We have had world-class theatre in our own backyard. The intelligence and the depth that the company brings to the materials, and the risks that Mike Ryan and SCS are willing to take, combined with the quality of the actors and directors that the festival attracts make every performance not only an enjoyable one but potentially a revelatory one.” – Alan Speidel ANNE BAKER MICHAEL DeARMOND MAX GLICKMAN PEGGY GOTTHOLD AND LARRY VAN VELZER KATHLEEN KAWAKAMI ALAN SPEIDEL RICHARD STOVER MARK WELCH