SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2017 38 E X P A N D E D F R I N G E : S T A G E D R E A D I N G S A MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN THE NIGHT THAT NEVER EXISTED From social pariah to one of the most acclaimed writers of the nineteenth century, Mary Ann Evans, better known by her pen name, “George Eliot,” lived a fascinating life. Templesman’s play paints a captivating portrait of the writer as both woman and artist, torn between her passions and the strict social conventions of her time. Santa Cruz Shakespeare is proud to co-produce this play reading with The Dickens Universe, held July 30 – August 5, 2017, featuring Eliot’s Middlemarch. A woman whose sexual identity has been subsumed by her role as England’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth has a burning question: what is love? To answer it, she summons William Shakespeare to her chambers for one evening and together they explore the power of seduction, the fluidity of gender, and the magic of theatre. Humberto Robles is a Mexican playwright whose work has been produced in 25 countries on three continents. SCS is proud to produce this beautiful translation of his work by Rochelle Trotter in conjunction with The American Shakespeare Collective. By Cathy Tempelsman An Exploration of the Life of George Eliot in collaboration with The Dickens Universe Free and open to the public Free and open to the public A One-Act Play by Humbert Robles Translated by Rochelle Trotter a co-production with The American Shakespeare Collective TUES, AUGUST 8, 7:30PM TUES, AUGUST 15, 7:30PM