SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2017 8 Welcome to the Audrey Stanley Grove! We have come a long way from breaking ground last year: since July 13, 2016, The Grove welcomed over 14,000 patrons in seven weeks of performances, SCS raised over $1.37 million in pledges and one time gifts from the Santa Cruz community and beyond, and we look forward to welcoming over 17,000 patrons to 53 performances this season! New to The Grove this summer are improved sightlines for our classic seating section, providing just a few extra inches of height in each row for viewing the stage; we have also installed sound reinforcement to those rows for clearer delivery of Shakespeare’s luscious poetry. The Boyle Family Picnic Glen is filling up with picnic tables: we’re now up to 16 tables available for patrons to enjoy the sweeping views of the Monterey Bay. Our donors have generously funded more rows of custom bench seating, 38 redwood saplings were planted this winter, and Big Creek Lumber donated redwood fencing, so the aesthetics of the theater space are shaping up! Each year, we will continue to enhance and upgrade the facility and site to make this theater space one that our community can be proud of supporting and enjoy attending for years to come. The Grove NOW & BEYOND Dedicated Grove volunteers hard at work this winter and spring. See more about our volunteers on page 58.