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SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE 2015 3 Artistic directors welcome Mike Ryan Artistic Director Welcome to Santa Cruz Shakespeares 2015 Season This is our second year as an independent non-profit and the 34th year of Shakespeare performed in an evocative outdoor environment that only Santa Cruz can provide. It is also our final year performing in the Sinsheimer-Stanley Festival Glen next year we will move to a beautiful new outdoor home. One of the wonderful things about theatre and the reincarnation of this Shakespeare Festival specifically has been the opportunity to examine old ways of thinking and performing and to take bold new directions. This theme winds its way strongly through the season Macbeth throws off the mantel of complacency as his ambition awakes Beatrice and Benedick must swallow their pride and break with old habits when love blossoms Dorante the liar must leave old predilections behind if he is to achieve his dreams and Florinda one of the heroines in The Rover rejects the future that has been planned for her and makes a brave decision over the course of the Fringe Production. Self-examination and change have provided other opportunities as well. This year for the first time we will be producing four plays all of which will perform outdoors in repertory. We have embraced gender equity in the acting company finding a better way of telling stories that are inclusive and designed for a 21st century audience. Students 18 and under qualify for a free ticket. We have a successful new financial model. Next year we will have a new home one that will provide us with a great deal more opportunity and flexibility than we have ever enjoyed. As an actor I have performed in the Glen more than anyone 21 productions over an 18- year span. It has been an artistic home for me a place where I have crafted many of my favorite performances and learned the value of developing an artistic relationship with a brilliant and devoted community. And yet My relationship with the Glen is nothing compared to the one many of you have with it. Some of you have seen over sixty productions in more than three decades. You have laughed cried baked in the sun shivered in the fog and shooed wild animals away from your picnic baskets. You were brought here by your parents. Now you bring your children or your grandkids. You have watched the drama of human life unfold in ways that are tragically predictable and hilariously unexpected. In short you have made it a theatre. And for that I am profoundly grateful. There will be thrilling opportunities for each of you to transform our new home as surely as you have transformed this Glen so stay tuned and make sure we know how to reach you. In the meanwhile however hold onto your chairs and blankets and enjoy the wickedly wonderful wild ride that is our 2015 season. Play On