Thank you 2019 Members!

Membership donations received between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019 are helping to make the 2019 Season a success!

Benefactors ($25,000+)

Audrey E. Stanley

Executive Producers ($10,000+)

Joanne Engelhardt
Rowland and Pat Rebele

Producers ($5,000+)

Anonymous (2)
Yong Bai
Violet and Rick Boyle
Mary Jane and Gordon Chambers
Jonathon Colburn and Dr. Clare Staveley
Alan Daniel and Kathy Kenan
Lee and Emily Duffus
The Brian and Patricia A. Herman Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Marie and Kent Imai
Thorne Lay and Kathy Beattie
Kevin Lohman and Natasha Flechsig
Andrea London
Redtree Partners, LP
Jean Shimoguchi
The Nicholson Family Foundation

Associate Producers ($2,500+)

Steven and Mary Bignell
Margaret Brose
Owen Brown and Mary Akin
Joe Collins
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Corrine Flanagan and Richard Rubin
Kathryn Chetkovich and Jonathan Franzen
Christina Garafola and Chris Frost
Ken Hitz
Marian Langdon
Barbara Lawrence
Kevin and Kathyrn McCown
Quiet Donors Fund
Patricia and Jon Minsloff
Kirk Gould and Yvonne Murray
Diana Rothman
Tyler Stone and Peihua Ku
The Towell Family
Chris Wellens and Karl Auerbach

Directors ($1,000+)

Ralph Alpert
Chris Rowen and Anne Baker
Susan Barkan
Anne and Leslie Barnes
Mark Bartos
Richard and Tory Beale
Anke and Stephan Betz
Debra Boscoe
Paul and Constance Boulay
Bright Funds Foundation
Clayton and Ivy Buhl
Ted Burke
Mary Anne Carson
Barbara and John Chilton
Diane Craddock
Jerry and Sylvia Deck
Sharon Dirnberger
Charles and Sandy Eldridge
Christina Floyd
Curtis Galloway
Robert Goff and Eleanor Littman
David Koo and Anna Hackenbracht
Edward Hearn and Linda Arnold
Mary-Nona and Michael Hudson
Robert and Karen Jachens
Robert and Barbara Jackson
Kevin Karplus and Michele Hart
Kathleen Kawakami
Cindy Kennaugh
Rosie King
Richard and Diane Klein
Kevin Kolp
Elena Laborde-Bishop and Sam Bishop
Jennifer and Matthew Landes
Edward and Laura Laughlin
Nancy Stewart Lenz
Richard Lonergan and Marilyn Manning Lonergan
W. Scott and Leslie McGilvray
Brian Moffet
Elisabeth and Jeffrey Ostrow
Grazia Peduzzi
Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack
Marie and William Radke
Sarah and Michael L. Ray
Clifford Colvin and John Reuling
William Richter and Pamela Sharpless Richter
Peter and Bettina Rosenbladt
Joan Rost
William Mercer Rowe
Scott and Janis Sachtjen
Kathryn Schlepphorst and James Barton
Shelly King Schuur and John Schuur
Shadowbrook Restaurant
Daniel Appelman and Deborah Soglin
Paul Thiltgen and Maureen Roll
James Thompson
Michael and Lesley Tierra
Michael and Susan Warren
Bill and Carol Wass
Steve Williams

Italics denote SCS Board Members.

Ensemble Members ($500 – $999)

Claire and Kendall Allphin
Bogomil Balkansky and Brandin Barón
ME Bellizzi
Karin and Michael Beumer-Browner
Debbie Bulger
Julia Chiapella and Eric Zigman
Bonnie and Gerald Christensen
Christine Clifford
Elena Cohen and Steve Ritz
Ruth Cox and Milton Chen
Jacqueline Davidow
Rebecca Van De Vanter and Family
Ralph Eschenbach and Carol Provan
Joe and Barbara Evans
Adela Feran
Larry Friedman and Tom Ellison
Jennifer Frost
Lena Gilmore
Ruth Grant
Mary Hackenbracht and Buck Gee
Richard L. Hay
Barbara Hooper
Fran Horvath and Art Evjen
Robert and Patricia Jacobs
Bonita John
Kathleen Jones
Ellen Kimmel
Andrew and Joselle Kryder
Meg Lilienthal and Buchanan Sharp
Howard and Karen Loomis
Gerry Mandel
Leon and Janet Mayou
Kurt and Angela Meeker
Katie and Chris Metzger
Erin Murphy and Andy Harris
Kenneth and Beth Myers
Burt and Marlene Nanus
Deborah and Peter Nelson
Foolscap Press
Andrew Riblet and Cynthia Martinez
Alan Ritch
Laurie Rivin and John Hamstra
Alexis Rosini
Valerie Ross
Dorothy Ruby
Ann Ryan
The Sabatino Family
Susan Schaefer and Colin Brown
Nancy Schwalen
Marlyene and Willard K. Schwartz
Diane Shearer
Jon Shemitz and Tané Tachyon
Sandra Sill and Peter Tyzack
Ted Smith and Amanda Hawes
The Sones Family
Tom and Lauren Tobin
James Tyre
Laura Uddenberg and Sean Byrne
Ian and Susan Walton

Players ($250 – $499)

Anonymous (3)
Kennedy Adams
Allan and Linda Anderson
Ann and Tony Andrews
Mary Fran Archer and Ivan Rosenblum
Karen Bassi and Peter Harris
Sheila and Murray Baumgarten
Roy Bolton
Lee and Sally Bookman
Doug and Chris Bowman
Elisa Breton and Matthew Nathanson
David Brick and Mary Male
David H. Brown and Linda Hammer-Brown
Brenda Bury
Calvin and Jennifer Carr
Karen Cassel
Randy and Carin Chapin
Angie and Jim Christmann
Al and Kathy Ciabattoni
Judith Aissen and James Clifford
John and Caitlin Deck
William and Cristy Deich
Deborah and Robert Dilts
Linda and Steve Dousman
Paul Kingston Duffie and Elizabeth Schwerer
George Erickson and Mary Jane Reiter
Shelly Errington Charitable Giving Fund
Margaret Exton
Susan Fair and Bob Levit
Daniel and Diana Garrett
Lynne and Kate Giles
Margaret Gordon
Nelson Graff
Mark Grantham and Mike Tossy
Michael and Karen Gurr
Bobbie Hall
Susan Harding
Sandy and Nick Hartman
David and Kate Hartzell
Frank and Anne Hayden
Janine Roeth and Henry Hooker
Richard Johnson
Robert Kaswen
Patrice and Robert Keet
Barbara and Jim Kiehl
Jon and Anna Landaw
Laurencin Personal Physicians
Jeanette and Olaf Leifson
Margaret A. Leonard and Clare Sheils
Robley Levy
Charles R. Lewis, IV
Paula Mabry
Linda Mandel
Michael Mckay
Stacy and Matt McMillan
Carol Merrell
Gary Merrill and Donna Becker
Ken Mignosa
Anne-Marie and Victor Mockus
Jim Mollerus
Christopher Monika
Andre Neu and Ellen Stuck
Gail Newel and Kelli Beingesser
Janis O’Driscoll
Megan and Brian Palmisano
Janice Patten
Larry, Shelly and Cara Pearson
Nancy Ragey
Paco Ramirez
Aimee and Andy Martin
William Rawson
Deborah Reed
Jessica Reedy
Lisa Rose
Jill Sakamoto
Saturday Shakespeare Club
Campbell Scott
Scruggs Spini and Fulton
Alan Speidel and Mary Berg
Sanda Spiegel and Hal Anjo
Elisabeth and Louis Sporleder
Barbara and Gordon Thornhill
Lois Trabing
Francisco Trueba
Ken and Gloria VanBree
Karin Vogel
Linda Weyers
Kathleen and Douglas Williams
Amy Phillips Witzke
Jennifer Wood
Andrea and Andy Yanowitz
Thomas and Earlene Young
Larry and Barbara Zemansky

Patrons ($100 – $249)

Elizabeth Abrams
Marty Ackerman
Maria Alfaro
Judy Allen and Susan Seaburg
Ayelet Almog
Liz Alpert
Mariana Alwell and John Wells
Jennifer and John Anderson
Leonard Anderson
Datta, Mari and Sibri Khalsa
Sarah Kate Anderson
Traci and Oren Arieli
Christine Weir and Sally Arnold
Brian and Dana Ascher
Jon Auman
Carolyn Bailey
Buzz and Margaret Ballenger
Helen Barrios
Dan Baum
Nannette Benedict, DDS
Lawrence and Carole Birndorf
Joya and Daniel Birns
Patrick Bishop and Khegan Mots
Safiya Bonaventura
Jane Boone
Gail T. Borkowski
John Bortner
Johanna Bowen
Connie Bowencamp
Eric Braun and Wendy Siegel
Sharon Breznak
Penelope Brooks
Elena and Allen Broslovsky
Michael and Valerie Brown
Janet Lynn Bruman Living Trust
Kathleen Bryant
Claudia and Mike Buchner
Anne Marie and William Callahan
George and Betsy Cameron
Robert Campbell and Amy Pine
Sam and Linda Campopiano
Theresa Carey
Cathy Carlson
Ralph and Caroline Carney
Cathy Carr
Claire Castagna and Robert Hatcher
Brian Cayton
Leslie Chow
Ed and Margie Claxton
Joanne Clever
Sandra Cohen
Carolyn and Curt Coleman
Darryl and Carolyn Compton
Steven and Andi Coniglio
Neil Conner
Teresa Corwin
Wayne and Linda Cruzan
Kay and Gordon Cumming
Dale and Sitah Cummings
Su and Jim Davey
Richard Decastongrene
Peter Delevett and Kim McNulty Delevett
Brigitte Desouches
Mark Devencenzi
Michael and Nemesia Devery
Namrita Dhillon
Ron and Marion Dickel
Joe and Carolyn Dickinson
Carolyn Dille and Dick Walvis
Ann Dizikes
Ken and Kathy Doctor
Robert Dolgoff
Susan Dormanen
Joan and Bill Dunn
Sandi Dutra
Sabrina Eastwood and Russell Krebs
Carlos and Marian Echeverria
Cherilee Eide
Elaine Elkin
Linda and John Elman
Pat Emard and John Wiechman
David and Janell Emberson
Steve Endsley
Robert Evans
Jean Fargo
Peter Fargo
Peter and Donka Farkas
Robert and Judy Faulhaber
Merlene and Joe Fernandez
Terri Fette
Audrey Fieberling
Rose Filicetti
Michele W. Finch
Judy Flora
Catherine and Will Forest
Carol Freeman
John Freesemann
Edith Parker Frick
Sakae Fujita
Mary Y. Fukai
Maggie Fusari
Robin Warbey and Jeff Galipeaux
Alex and Emma Gaudio
Virginia Gelczis and Mitchell Diamond
Margaret Gibson
Michael and Amy Glasgow
John and Susana Glina
Alice Godfrey
Linda and Richard Goldberg
Susan Goldstein
Christine and William Green
Amy Griggs-Miles
Alberto and Rose Guarino
John Guenther
Brent and Luisa Haddad
Anna Hall
John and Merrill Hambright
Jessica and Eldona Hamel
Tom and Annette Hamilton
Penny Hanna and Maggie Reynolds
Bette Harken
Meg and Don Harlor
Jane Ann Harper
Jeanne Harrison
Kathleen Hatfield
Paul and Judy Heim
Lori Helman
Thomas Helman and Mary Ann Balian
Mike and Amy Hemmert
Bob and Anne Herendeen
Donald Hershberger
Steven Hicks
Chris and Laura Hinck
Jan and Fred Hodder
David Hoffman
Dolores Saluppo and Peter Holland
Edward F. Houghton
Anne Howard Physical Therapy
Jeanne Howard
Jocelyn and David Hoy
Helen Hudson
Pamela Hunt-Carter and Jim Carter
Wendy and Garth Illingworth
Elizabeth and Robert Imlay
David Jackson and Lillian Hom
Margaret and Lee Jaffe
Laura and Ed James-Beckham
Lisa Jensen
Pamela and Mark Johansen
Gordon Jones
Jim and Ruth Keeley
Elaine Kihara and David Sweet
Paul Kimoto
Lisa & Jeff Kirk
Larry Korbus and Karen Ackland
Nancy Krajewski
Susan Krivin and David Ohanesian
Jeff Lake
Krissen Lane and Dave Orton
Terri Lankford and Jim Powell
Tara Leonard
Rafferty Lincoln
Aaron Lipton
Rabbi Rick and Nancy Litvak
Anne Lober
Ron Marsh
Barbara Martin
David Martin and Margaret Kenny
Cynthia and Bill Mathews
Marcus Mauro
Alayne Meeks
Mike and Kathi Melville
Bruce Merchant and Sandra Reel
Ralph and Nancy Meyberg
Jacob and Hila Michaelsen
David and Jan Mintz
Susan Mirbach
Michael Mizer
Edward Mocarski
Janet Montgomery
David Morden
Kellie Morgantini and Mike Novo
Sue Myers
Tina Myers
Mark A. Nance
Rhonda Nelson
Dana Niehaus
Ann and Dan Nitzan
Dottie Olsen
Doug and Kristin Owen
Kathleen and Bill Owen
Nancy Pascal
Nick Pavlina
Patricia Payne
Louise Pearse
Patrick Randolph and Amy Peeler
Marissa Perez
Douglas Plante
Eugene Plevyak
Michele Powell
Mike and Audrey Powers
Lylian Pressel
Lavinia Preston
David Reichard
Edwina and Roy Riblet
Henry Hooker and Janine Roeth
James Rolens and Debra Spencer
Galen and Gunnar Roll
Don Roos
Sumner Alpert and Joyce Rosenthal
William Ruck
James Rumbaugh and Madeline Morrow
Brigitta Ryle
Sofie Salama
Ned and Juli Sanderson
JoAnn Schaffner
Schwab Charitable
Lisa Scott
Donald and Rosanne Seratti
Josh and Pamela Shanks
Judi Sherman
Frank Sherrill
Paul Sherrill and Laurie Bair
Jackie and John Shurtleff
Tom Silva
Johnny Simmons
Greg and Barbara Simpson
Mary K. and Bill Simpson
Dane and Marian Snow
Mary South
Steven and Therese Souza
Dottie Speidel
Cheyne Springbett
Michael Staley and Susan Jacobs
Richard Stearns
Doree Steinmann
Judy Swan
Debra Szecsei
Leila Takayama
John Thompson and Patsy Wilkes
Damon Tkoch
Julie Trahan
James Turk
Karen, Jessa, and Willie Venegas
Jerry and Robynn Walters
Matthew and Marina Ward
John and Sandra Warren
Alice Weigel
Kenneth Welcher
Daphne and Stuart Wells
Carolyn West
Marilyn Westerkamp
Laura Whaley-Whadford
Nancy Whaley
Bonnie Wolf
Lisa Wong
William Wright
Anne Wyant
Jan and Margaret Ysselstein
Richard and Roberta Zakarian
Frank Zwart and Julia Armstrong-Zwart

Friends ($50 – $99)

Anonymous (2)
Laura and Randall Adams
Lia Adams and David Wall
Ginny Aragon
Gina and John Atkinson
Stephen Bakaley
Michela and Chip Barcus
Penelope Baring
Peggy and Margaret Barker
Virginia Lea Barr
Patrick Beatty
Jeff Belden
Deb Bell
Victoria Benetua
Deborah Benham
Carol Bernstein
Bridget Binko
Andrea Boone
Diane Borrison
Sharleen Boucher
Susan Brackenbury
Selover Brown Family
Martha Brown and Breck Tyler
Louise Burton
Melissa and Mark Campos
Peter and Helen Carr
Alice Carroll
Donna Cavaille
Richard Cella and Jane Wyckoff
Cynthia Chase
Gwen Chiaramonte
Emily Chorba
Patricia Cooper
Judith Corbett
Arlinda Cosby
Karen Cozza
Karen Creecy
Susan Dahlgren and Michael Arenson
Sonia Deetz
Karen DeHart
Kevin Dempsey
Joan DeNeffe
Katie Excoffier
Perian Hanlon Fein
Marilyn Fenn
Jayme and Jack Fields
Wendy Fiering
Victoria Finder
Sylvia Forsyth
Joanna Fox
Edward E. Frost
Christine Garcia
Corinne Gibble
Lois Goldfrank
Judy Gonzalez and David Beck
Mark and Barbara Gordon
Aaron & Roxanne Gould
Francesca Graziano
Roger Morgan and Jennifer Green
Norman Gross
Grace Hammond and Louis Browning
Eleanor Hansen
Wendy and Brian Harrison
P. Hein
Melessa Hemler
Vickie Hendin
Barbara Hendricks
Jan Hill and Bill Drulias
MusicalMe, Inc.
Ann and Robert Holmes
Harold Hubis
Jennifer Huey
John Humphrey
Greta and Michael Hutchison
Sue Jackson
Michael Jenkins
Joel and Kelly Johnson
Brian Johnston
Michael Jones
Alison Kele
Susan Kerr
Sue Kirkpatrick
Jeanne Lance and David Fleming
Linda Larkin
Sharon Lee
Steve Leonard
Joan E. Lerner
Colleen Troy Lewis
Paul Linhardt
Amy Locks
Aaron Lodge
Madeline Lott
David and Jennifer Lunney
Michael Macfaden
Grace Maes
Xiomara Di Maio
Shirley Manis
Michael Marcellin
Sharon Marquedtson
Jo Ann Martin
Peggy Mayer
Lisa Mcandrews
Angus McMahan
Patricia Mcveigh
Steven Mercer
David Morton
Linda Moyer
David and Linda Murphy
Tina and Brian Murphy
Mary Nordmeyer
Jasmine Novak
Charles O’Rourke
David Pacini
Branddi Palmer
Julie Pascal
Thomas and Elizabeth Penrod
Gregory Pepping and Catherine Hsu
Todd and Tracy Perkins
Marlene Pitkow
Robin and Richard Polse
Ann Pomper
Shannon Purl
Ann and Joe Ranish
Al and Maureen Richard
Jeanne Rousseau
Kathryn Rycroft
Laurie Salatich
Panda Sandoval
Karen Sanguinetti
Dave and Susan Sargent
Lisa Schaechter
Benjamin Scharf
Margaret and Kenneth Schieck
Eno Schmidt
Joshua Scott
Kathryn and Stan Scott
Robert and Bonnie Scott
Charles Seagren
Charles and Susan Selvidge
Carol J. Smith
June Smith
James Steele
Nance Urban
Kent and Christine Vanderbundt
Marie-Reine Velez
Jeanette Warne
Karen Warren
Joanne Webster
Ruth Weick
Isabel Whyte
Ernie and Sandie Williams
Athena Woodrow
Dorothy Young
Indira Zeleny
Yi Zuo

List last updated on April 3, 2019