Santa Cruz Shakespeare Internships

Thank you for your interest in the SCS Internship Program! We are not accepting applications at this time. Like many theatre festivals, we are uncertain what the future holds and will be rolling out available internships as we know more about our upcoming season. If you have any questions, please contact us at

For future reference: we provide internships in the following categories:

  • Acting: 5 – 8 acting interns are accepted each season. Our program provides acting interns the experience to work closely with professional artists and artisans to allow networking possibilities and to strengthen their craft with opportunities to perform in a repertory company. Acting interns are auditioned then cast in mainstage productions. Interns also rehearse and perform in the annual Fringe Show, a production dedicated to intern performance and design. Acting interns also participate in Master Classes taught by the season’s acting professionals on topics ranging from clowning to scene work, and the business of acting to Shakespeare’s verse. Acting interns are paid a weekly stipend of $100 and non-locals receive free housing. PLEASE NOTE that our 2020 Season extends into the first week of September for our Student Matinee Week. If attending a college starting in early September, please provide the start date when applying. 
  • Stage Management: 3 – 4 interns will be accepted to work on the Mainstage and Fringe Show productions. Stage Management interns work directly with our Professional AEA Stage Managers and non-Equity ASMs. Stage Management interns are paid a weekly stipend of $100 and non-locals receive free housing. Each intern works on one specified production. Their duties will include, but are not limited to:
    • Setting up rehearsal spaces and maintaining the rehearsal environment
    • Assisting with normal stage management duties
    • Taking line notes, and being on book for rehearsals
    • Assisting during understudy rehearsals
    • Assisting with floor management during the run of the show
    • Assisting Stage Management with paperwork – prop lists, contact sheets, calendars, etc
    • Serving as a member of the run crew (if needed)
    • Assist on any special projects on an as-needed basis
  • Production: Based on designer and shop needs, SCS accepts costume design, costume shop, wardrobe, lighting, prop, and production management interns. As a production intern you will work directly under the Costume Shop Manager, Master Electrician, Props Master, or Production Manager based on your interest.
    • Costume Design: 2-3 interns are selected to support season costume designers on one summer production each. Responsibilities vary with each designer and can include the following: assist in finalization of the costume designs for season, including rendering/sourcing/researching; pull rehearsal costumes; shop for costumes, fabric, notions, etc. online or in reality; attend production meetings; organize costume plot, ditty bags, inventory sheets; attend run-throughs and dress rehearsals to support costume designer. Potential for designing the costumes for the intern Fringe Show.
    • Costume Shop: Preparation and execution of costumes for the summer productions. Skills in sewing, stitching, and construction preferred.
    • Wardrobe: Assists in preparation of wardrobe facilities and tracks for summer season. Maintains costumes by cleaning, steaming, and ironing. Fitting costumes onto actors and assists in dressing actors before and during performances.
    • Lighting: Participates in load-in and focus for season productions. Shadows Master Electrician and lighting designer during technical rehearsals. Potential for paid position running the light board or spot light during performances. Potential for designing the intern Fringe Show.
    • Sound: Participates in load-in. Shadows the Sound Engineers and Sound Designer. Potential for paid position running the sound board. Potential for sound designing the intern Fringe Show.
    • Props: Participates in the build of properties for each show. Assists in maintaining the prop shop and storage. Skills in carpentry, paint, and sewing. Potential to help design props for the intern Fringe Show.
    • Production Management: Assists with production planning, technical rehearsal support, attending production meetings, budget tracking, completing research projects, and other management tasks. Skills in administration, technical theater, organization, and communication.
  • Directing and Dramaturgy: Based on production needs, directing and dramaturgy interns will be accepted to support professional directors and dramaturgs working on the productions. Directing internships are largely observation-based, but responsibilities vary depending on the director and production needs. Dramaturgs will be assigned projects and research based on the scope of work outlined by the dramaturgy staff.
  • Administrative: 1 enthusiastic arts administrative intern will be accepted for the season. The admin intern will have hands on experience with the ins and outs of running a theatre company. The admin intern will help in Marketing, Development, Education, and general theatre administrative tasks. If the admin intern is interested in pursing theater education, there are opportunities to develop lesson plans, play resource guides, and more for our Weekend With Shakespeare event and the Student Matinee Week.
  • Social Media: The Social Media Intern is responsible for coordinating and posting the company’s key social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus other platforms. The intern will work closely with key members of staff for creative development. Reports to the Marketing Director and Managing Director.
    • Key Duties:
      • Assist with streamlining company social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, and other social media platforms).
      • Increase the number of followers we have by following and engaging with potential clients and candidates.
      • Monitoring and replying to followers under supervision from a SCS Director.
      • Posting on a daily/weekly basis as needed and utilizing Hootsuite under direction of a SCS Director.
      • Build Facebook ‘likes’ by approaching potential clients and candidates through other social media channels and email marketing campaigns.
      • Work with directors to implement other channel-specific campaigns (e.g. uploading photos to Flickr, videos to YouTube, etc).
      • Learn and monitor social media analytics. Track key social media analytics on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Graphic Design: SCS is looking for a highly creative and motivated individual who can work on a team level to add input and assist in designing creative campaigns and a wide variety of collateral materials for SCS appeals and programs. Candidates will gain knowledge in creative marketing, advertising, and technological platforms. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience working with a professional staff in an enthusiastic, community-based non-profit organization.
    • Qualifications:
      • Must be proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
      • Knowledge of flickr and social media platforms.
      • Having a computer and access to graphic design and layout software is required.
      • Proficient command of English grammar and spelling.
    • Skills:
      • Strong communication and organizational skills.
      • Ability to work with various departments to finish necessary projects.
      • Able to think creatively to solve problems.

Key Summer Dates:

  • Shops Begin Work: June 2, 2020
  • Rehearsals Begin: June 9, 2020 or June 13, 2020 (depending on what show you’re in)
  • Shops Close: Mid-August 2020
  • Fringe Show Opens: August 19, 2020
  • Season Closes: August 30, 2020 or September 3, 2020 (depending on what show you’re in)
    • Semi-flexible internship start and end dates

We will be notifying applicants by April 2020 if you are selected for an internship for the 2020 Summer Season.

Application Information

All applicants must apply via the online application which includes contact information, the upload of a 500 word or less personal statement, and resume. All applicants also must provide the names and contact information for three references, along with a brief description of their relationship with the referrer.

The personal statement should be 500 words or less and may include the following: your career objectives and how you expect to achieve them, your experience and/or education in theatre, and the qualities you possess that recommend you as a candidate for an internship. Your personal statement should reveal information about yourself that may not be represented in your resume or references.

Additional Materials

Costume Design Internship Applicants should submit an electronic portfolio of work either with the online application, by providing a website address, or by emailing a file.

Acting Internship Applicants will need to audition. Auditions consist of 2 contrasting monologues, at least one of which should be from Shakespeare’s canon. Monologues should be under 2 minutes each, and under 4 minutes together. Applicants who sing or play instruments should also include a snippet of a song or playing of instrument of no more than 30 seconds. The audition can be handled in one of two ways: in person on the West Coast, or via video submission. Information about auditioning in person visit our audition’s page here. To submit a video audition, please email your video to


For more information or to ask questions, please contact Alexandra Carr, Intern Coordinator.