Santa Cruz Shakespeare 2017 Internships

UPDATE: Thank you to all who applied to the 2017 Internship Program. The Application period is now closed.

We will be notifying applicants by mid-March if you are selected for an internship for the 2017 Summer Season.

Key Summer Dates:
> Shops begin work: June 13, 2017
> Rehearsals begin: June 23, 2017
> Shops close: August 8, 2017
> Fringe show opening: August 23, 2017
> Season closes: September 3, 2017

General Information about our annual Internship Program

We accept interns in the following categories:

  • Acting: 6 – 8 acting interns are accepted each season. Our acting internship program is designed for those who are in the late undergraduate/early graduate stage of their training cycle.
  • Stage Management: Up to 3 interns will be accepted to work on the Mainstage and Fringe show productions.
  • Design/Production: Based on designer and shop needs, SCS accepts lighting, costume, prop, production management, and wardrobe interns.
  • Directing and Dramaturgy: Based on production needs, directing and dramaturgy interns will be accepted to support professional directors and dramaturgs working on the productions. Directing internships are largely observation-based, but responsibilities vary depending on the director and production needs. Dramaturgs will be assigned projects and research based on scope of work outlined by the dramaturgy staff.
  • Administrative: 1 enthusiastic arts administrative intern will be accepted for the season.

All applicants must apply via the online application which includes contact information, the upload of a 500 word or less personal statement and resume. All applicants also must provide the names and contact information for three references, along with a brief description of their relationship with the referrer.

The personal statement should be 500 words or less and may include the following: your career objectives and how you expect to achieve them, your experience and/or education in theatre, and the qualities you possess that recommend you as a candidate for an internship. Your personal statement should reveal information about yourself that may not be represented in your resume or references.

Additional Materials

Design Internship Applicants should submit an electronic portfolio of work either with the online application, by providing a website address, or by emailing a file.

Acting Internship Applicants will need to audition. Auditions consist of 2 contrasting monologues, at least one of which should be from the Shakespeare’s canon. Monologues should come in at under 2 minutes each, and under 4 minutes together. Applicants who sing or play instruments should also include a snippet of song or playing of no more than 30 seconds. The audition can be handled in one of two ways: in person on the West Coast, or via video submission.

For more information or to ask questions, please contact us.