Internship Questions?

Where is Santa Cruz Shakespeare located?

Our outdoor theatre space and box office is located in Upper DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, CA. Our offices are located in downtown Santa Cruz. We typically rehearse at a local high school, which is where our costume and prop shops are also located until the final opening of the season in August.

Do you provide a stipend?

Acting interns and stage management interns receive a small stipend at the end of the summer for the amount of hours that they participate in the program throughout the summer. We currently do not provide other intern stipends at this time.

Does it cost to participate in the internship program?

There are no direct costs to Santa Cruz Shakespeare for participation in the internship program. However, you will need to create your own budget around your personal expenses for the summer, including travel to and from Santa Cruz, summer rent, transportation, food, and other expenses.

Do I need a car to participate in the internship program?

While not necessary, having a car is extremely helpful. Public transportation in Santa Cruz consists of public bus transit. Our theatre space is located at the top of a hill with a windy road leading to it, (hence a very difficult bike ride). There are no bus routes that service the theatre. Our rehearsal space is about a 15 minute drive to the theatre, and depending on where you are housed, you may really benefit from having a vehicle. Past interns have arranged for carpools between actors and production crew.

Is there housing available?

Every year we try to accommodate interns who need housing with low or no cost housing through our generous Santa Cruz Shakespeare donors, but this is not guaranteed. Craigslist online is a helpful source and, if accepted into the internship, we have a Facebook page that links interns who need housing. Be sure to research the Santa Cruz housing market to understand the costs associated with living here for the summer.

Does Santa Cruz Shakespeare accept international applicants?

Yes we do! At this time though we cannot sponsor visas, so applicants must secure their visas prior to being selected.

Is there time for a part-time job while involved in the internship program?

If you are accepted into the internship program as an actor or stage manager, then there is no time for a part-time job. There might be time to work in our Box Office or as a Parking Attendant if you have been accepted into the administrative, design, directing, or dramaturgy internship.

Does the program offer classes?

Our internship program does not offer courses, but we do have occasional Master Classes with our professional artists and artisans.

Specific to Acting Intern: What are the days like for an acting intern?

An acting intern’s summer consists of 3 to 4 weeks, starting in June, filled with rehearsals from 9am until 9pm with little down time in between. Evening performances are usually Wednesdays through Sundays, with matinees on Saturday and Sunday as well. Our summer season of performances runs from July through the first week of September.

Specific to Acting and Stage Management Intern: Are EMC points available?

By nature of our Actors’ Equity contract, you are allowed to enroll and receive AEA “Equity Membership Candidate” points towards your summer here. It’s based on the weeks you work – for some of you that will be either 12-13. This only applies to acting or stage management interns.