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Thank you to the Community Partners

We want to send a big thank you to our 2015 Community Partners. Community Partners are local businesses that support Santa Cruz Shakespeare through donations of goods and services. This year’s Community Partners have kept our cast and crew fueled (Lulu Carpenter’s), fed (Bagelry, Hoffman’s Downtown) and limber (Luma Yoga). They’ve provided rehearsal space (Georgiana […]

Our Quest for Our New Home: Origins

New Home 2016 Update from Mike Ryan, Artistic Director, Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Posted August 20, 2015 If you had told me a year and a half ago that becoming an Artistic Director would involve learning about storm drainage plans, electrical conduits, biotic reports, soil grading, and all of the other details that are currently swirling in [...]

REVIEW: THE LIAR is for you, Lisa Jensen Online

Lisa Jensen Online, Posted on August 17, 2015 Words Point By Lisa Jensen If you’re one of those slightly benighted folks who think Santa Cruz Shakespeare would be so much fun, except for, you know, all that Shakespeare, then the current SCS production of The Liar is for you. On the other hand, if you can’t […]

REVIEW: Chilling MACBETH, San Jose Mercury News

San Jose Mercury News, Posted on August 13, 2015 Chilling Macbeth reigns at Santa Cruz Shakespeare by Karen D’Souza The cursed Macbeth is forever trapped by fate in the Scottish play that bears his name, but for Santa Cruz Shakespeare, change is the only constant. Just two years ago, UC Santa Cruz shut down its original incarnation […]

REVIEW: Everyone’s a Badass in MACBETH,

Shakespeare’s Tribe, Posted on August 12, 2015 Everyone’s a Badass: A review of MACBETH at Santa Cruz Shakespeare by Kurt Daw In Kristen Brandt’s production of Macbeth, Scotland’s aristocratic class of Thanes is composed equally of hulking men straight out of Braveheart and badass, broadsword-wielding warrior women. This is far from the only way that actresses are especially prominent in […]

REVIEW: MACBETH Wicked Game, Good Times

Good Times, Posted on August 12, 2015 Wicked Game By Christina Waters Odd choices mar Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s atmospheric ‘Macbeth’ Handsome costumes, electrifying sound and light effects, and Shakespeare’s finest language all meet in Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a true theatrical witch’s brew. When the hurly burly’s done, casting innovations result in many interesting and challenging moments […]

REVIEW: Muscular Take on MACBETH, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Posted on August 12, 2015 Santa Cruz Shakespeare bids adieu to the Glen with a muscular take on Macbeth By Joanne Engelhardt A word to the wise: Don’t accept an invitation from Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to be their houseguest for a night. Why? Because they’re downright killer hosts! That, of course, sets […]

REVIEW: THE LIAR Smart, Sexy Funny; Good Times

Good Times, Posted on August 5, 2015 Pants on Fire By Christina Waters Smart, sexy and hilarious, Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s The Liar is a triumph Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s nimble new production of The Liar is the sort of searing live comedy that blows all things digital right off the map. Every single actor in this splendid production […]

Santa Cruz Shakespeare and City Meet with DeLaveaga Community Residents

On August 11, 2015, members of Santa Cruz Shakespeare and the City of Santa Cruz held an open forum for community residents at the proposed site of the Santa Cruz Shakespeare's new venue in Upper DeLaveaga park. Thank you to all who came out and participated in the discussion. See photos from the community meeting [...]

UCSC letter notifies SCS that Glen lease will not be renewed

In the interest of transparency, and because we have received many inquiries about why we are leaving the Sinsheimer-Stanley Festival Glen, Santa Cruz Shakespeare has requested permission from University administration to publish the letter detailing UCSC's refusal to renew our lease. That permission has been obtained, and the body of the letter may be found below. [...]

The Macbeth Curse: Myth or Reality?

by Mara Sherman Mackers. The Scottish Play. The Bard’s Play. These are all euphemisms for Macbeth, used by otherwise entirely reasonable people (well, reasonable by theater standards) to avoid saying a title that is supposed to bring bad luck. Any time anything goes wrong on a production of Macbeth – from stubbed toes, to poor box […]

REVIEW: THE LIAR a Comic Hit, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Posted on July 29, 2015 Santa Cruz Shakespeare has a comic hit on its hands with The Liar By Joanne Engelhardt Hark! Is that laughter coming from the Glen? Yeah, verily – it’s hearty laughter again … and then again! Theatergoers who have already seen Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s second play of the 2015 season, […]

Donor Spotlight 2015: Karen and Robert Sinsheimer

The donor spotlight on Karen and Robert Sinsheimer was taken from our 2015 playbill. Karen and Robert Sinsheimer When Karen Sinsheimer came to Santa Cruz with her husband in 1981, she could not have known how much she would come to love Shakespeare in Santa Cruz. When she arrived, a Shakespearean theater in the outdoors was […]

In Memory of Karen Sinsheimer

It is with profound sadness that we have to inform you that our dear Karen Sinsheimer passed away earlier this week after a long illness. Karen was one of this Festival’s great leading ladies – literally. She served as the Festival’s founding Board President in 1982 and, when the Festival became independent in 2013, she […]

REVIEW: A Terrific Much Ado, The Seventh Row

Seventh Row, Posted on July 17, 2015 A Terrific Much Ado written by Alex Heeney A successful production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” must satisfy three requirements: Beatrice and Benedick — the lovers in a merry war of wit — have to be lovable, the story needs to be clear, and the jokes have to land. Even Kenneth […]

REVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing,

Shakespeare’s Tribe, Posted on July 26, 2015 Smart Choices, More Voices: A Review of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by Kurt Daw Mike Ryan is making a lot of smart, invigorating decisions as Artistic Director at Santa Cruz Shakespeare, but the smartest of all might be to feature his own talents as Benedick in their current production of Much […]

REVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing, Performing Arts Monterey Bay

Performing Arts Monterey Bay, Posted on July 7, 2015 Much Ado About Nothing by Philip Pearce SANTA CRUZ SHAKESPEARE has just launched its second season with a lively production of Much Ado About Nothing on the UCSC campus. It’s a play that has had a lot of exposure in recent years. A lush and lavish Ashland Much Ado is running concurrently with […]

REVIEW: Santa Cruz Shakespeare opens season with delicious ‘Much Ado’, SC Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL, POSTED: 07/08/15, 2:05 PM PDT Santa Cruz Shakespeare opens season with delicious ‘Much Ado’ By Joanne Engelhardt Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s three-play festival opens with innovative casting twists There may be no better way to welcome summer than spending a night (or afternoon) with the delightful characters of “Much Ado About Nothing” as interpreted […]

REVIEW: Much Ado, Indeed, Good Times Santa Cruz

GOOD TIMES, WEDNESDAY, 08 JULY 2015 11:13 CHRISTINA WATERS Much Ado, Indeed by Christina Waters Santa Cruz Shakespeare’s three-play festival opens with innovative casting twists The spectacle of Shakespeare’s most tartly devised couple reluctantly falling in love has charmed audiences for five centuries. And, with provocative casting of central characters, the new Santa Cruz Shakespeare […]

IN THE NEWS: Mike Ryan Playing His Parts, Good Times Santa Cruz

GOOD TIMES, WEDNESDAY, 24 JUNE 2015 12:24 CHRISTINA WATERS, A&E – THEATER Playing His Parts: With Mike Ryan behind the scenes and on stage, Santa Cruz Shakespeare kicks off with ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by Christina Waters It’s been a wild ride,” says actor Mike Ryan of the past year spent shepherding a large Shakespeare festival […]