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Inspired by Shakespeare, we create and strengthen community by bringing audiences and theater artists together to celebrate stories about our collective humanity.


We envision a community where generations are increasingly passionate and knowledgeable about Shakespeare and Live theater, a community that engages in active discussion about language and art and reaches for passion, connection, and empowerment.


We believe in taking risks, charting new territory, and demanding a fearless aesthetic.

We commit to clear communication and responsiveness to inquiry in all that we do, from the artistic process and planning to financial management, governance, and operations.

We ensure a balance between the financial stability of the organization and artistic risk.

We are most passionate about our art, our community, and Shakespeare.

We strive to include the breadth and diversity of our community in our art and organization.

We continue to learn not only from our artists, but our community; and we encourage our artists and audiences to seek and gain knowledge through the work.

We are uncompromising in our quest to work with the finest artists, artisans, administrators, and partners for our collaborative process.

Santa Cruz Shakespeare Core Staff

Mike Ryan
Artistic Director

Aimee Zygmonski
Managing Director

Alexis Rossini
Development Associate

Cheryl Games
Communications Director

Lydia Bushfield
Production Manager

Elizabeth Levy
Business and Community Partnerships Coordinator

Sue Dormanen
Company Manager

William Wright
Volunteer Coordinator

Santa Cruz Shakespeare Board of Directors

Bill Richter, Chair
Renee Winter, Vice President
Jean Shimoguchi, Secretary
Eric Mendelson, Treasurer
Margaret Brose
Chris Frost
Tamara Santos
Rick Wright

Honorary Directors

Karen Sinsheimer
Audrey Stanley