Arts Council Santa Cruz County provides strategic guidance and financial oversight to Santa Cruz Shakespeare through its Fiscal Sponsorship program.


The Sinsheimer-Stanley Festival Glen is one of the most beautiful theater venues in North America.  We are thrilled that our audiences will get to enjoy Shakespeare's language in a place that is so suited to his words: at once wild and measured, epic and personal.  Those trees resonate with the history of the language that has twined its way through their boughs, the laughter that has rustled their leaves, and the suspense that has caused them to lean in on the pageant of the human story unfolding at their roots.  When I was a young actor, first introduced to the Glen in 1997, I was given a great piece of advice from a veteran actor while standing on that stage.  He said, "Think vertically."  Those trees are immediate.  You can reach out and touch them, but they also stretch up into the sky; they remind us not only of what is important in the present, but of our aspirations and the daring of our human majesty.

Co-Artistic Director, Mike Ryan